Q-Factor surveys your workplace LGBT inclusion status

Q-Factor have done several surveys to determine inclusion in Danish workplaces af LGBT. They also arrange events, programs etc.

q-Factor LGBT Workplace Inclusion surveys

Q-Factor LGBT Workplace Inclusion surveys and more

2011 Workplace Inclusion Survey

Q-Factor completed a unique study in 2011 to take a closer look at the experience of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) employees in Denmark. The survey was designed to be a comprehensive overview of how LGBT employees experience work life in Denmark. The results outline problem areas as well as strengths of Danish employers in relation to LGBT diversity. The results clearly point to specific actions employers can take to make their employees feel accepted and supported. This distinction was surprising in the clear difference it points out. These results will enable the creation of a new set of standards for diversity and inclusion in the Danish workplace. Ultimately, inclusion translates into a healthier bottom line for the company and a healthier workforce.

See the report here.

Q-factor 2014 survey

In 2014, Q-Factor ran a follow up survey to the original Status of the Danish LGBT Workplace report. The new report reveals a positive trend in inclusion at Danish workplaces. The full report is available upon request, the cost of the report is 500 DKK for companies and free for NGOs or non-profit generating organizations. Please send report requests to Q-Factor at info@qfactor.dk.

Read the article from The Knowledge Center for Work Environment citing the 2014 report.

About Q-Factor

Q-Factor is a non-governmental organization working to promote LGBT inclusion in Danish workplaces.

Since its foundation in 2010, Q-Factor has released the Status of the Danish LGBT Workplace report in 2011 as well as a follow-up report of the same name in 2014.

Q-Factor has also been involved in organizing multiple international and regional events to further LGBT inclusion in the workplace.

The consultants at Q-Factor are available to give talks to workplaces and schools about LGBT inclusion. Further information about publications and events can be found on the  Q-Factor homepage.

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